Soapbox Science - Toronto 2019!

Have you heard of Soapbox Science? This science outreach event turns public spaces into learning areas and provides a platform for women scientists to share their research. This year, 42 events are taking place around the world (including 15 new cities!). Some members of our team volunteered at the local event in Toronto on Sept. 22 where 12 speakers, including Prof. Andrea Kirkwood from Ontario Tech, shared their work.

Dr. Andrea Kirkwood (@KirkwoodLab), Ontario Tech University,

”It’s where we live: Understanding urban ecology and why it matters”

Holly Fruehwald (left) and Prof. Andrea Kirkwood (right) at the 2019 Soapbox Science event in Toronto, ON.

Prof. Andrea Kirkwood with two OTT-WIC members (Holly and Nadia) participating in Soapbox Science.

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